Congrats to Our Art Star

Every year it’s a great honor to have artwork featured on the cover of the ART STAR Awards Ceremonies. The ART STAR Awards is one of the most attended district wide events in DeKalb County. Dr. Green is very supportive of the ARTS and he is given a cover each year for the program.

This year its our honor to announce Mr. Antonio Cormack as the 2017-2018 Cover Artist!

Congratulations! Awesome job! This is great exposure for Antonio, our art teacher Ms. Cherry, and AES! Antonio states that he wants to become a graphic designer. Looks like he’s on his way.


“Feeling Kind of Blue,” Antonio Cormack
5th Grade, Avondale Elementary, Teacher:  Melissa Cherry

Congratulations to 5th grader Antonio Cormack and AES Art Teacher Melissa Cherry!


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