A Word About School Safety

In light of this week’s events in Florida, we’d like to share some information with you. Avondale Elementary’s School safety and the District’s support of school safety is as follow:

  • The District’s Public Safety Department utilizes a Threat Assessment Protocol to investigate, analyze, and review any threat made against a school or the District;
  • Avondale Elementary has drills to practice for situations when intruders may enter the building;
  • Avondale Elementary has a set protocol for visitor access into the building;
  • Exterior doors remain locked at all times and visitors have to be buzzed in.
  • Security cameras have been upgraded as well as new cameras have been added to cover previous blind spots.
  • The District has added two canine units to the Public Safety Department;
  • Teachers and Staff know and follow the Safe School Plan in the event of an emergency.

We want to reassure our parents that the safety and well-being of children and staff is a top priority.

Thank you!

Dr. Donate Andrews | AES Principal
Dr. Candace Sagers | AES Assistant Principal

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