Cardio Club Runs the Explorer Dash

Congratulations to Coach Breit’s Cardio Club for completing the Explorer Dash!

The Explorer Dash was a 1-mile fun run on Saturday, March 24th in Avondale Estates. The kids ran an awesome race and had a great time! They’ll definitely be ready to rock the AES Runs the World race on September 29th.


The ‘’Breit” stars from left to right:
Back row:
Hayley Hodgson (5th Grade)
Jackson Hampton (4th Grade)
Matthew Gardner (4th Grade)
Coach Beth Breit
Front row:
Zakeria Walker (2nd Grade)
Nugese Yason (3rd Grade)

Top 3 places for Cardio Club:
3. Jackson Hampton with a time of 9:44
2. Zakeria Walker with a time of 7:29 in her very first race
1. Nuguse Yason, with a time of 6:55 in his very first race! AND that’s after taking a detour off course, backtracking to run it correctly.

cardio2 cardio3

About AES Roadrunners ~ Cardio Club
Cardio Club is for AES student who are ready to burn off extra energy at the end of the school day! Children from 2nd-5th grade are eligible to join, free of charge. Coach Breit supervises all fitness activities.

During the 2017-2018 Fall Semester, Cardio Club members met weekly on Wednesdays to play tag games, and to run or walk laps around the field without stopping (as many as they could!). During Spring semester, students are meeting monthly and polishing their rope jumping skills.

If your student is interested in joining the Cardio Club, please contact Coach Breit. They’ll be back for the 2018-2019 school year, preparing for the AES Runs the World 5K!


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