About Us

Our Mission

Avondale Elementary School PTA promotes activities that enhance the joy and well-being of our scholars and staff in a way that complements and enriches the IB principles with the learning environment.

  • To advocate on behalf of our scholars, staff, and the school;
  • To build community within the school, and enhance the relationship among the school, parents, and the wider community;
  • To encourage the community’s investment of time, energy, and resources in Avondale Elementary.

Our Goals

Each year, Avondale’s Executive Board selects specific goals that will be the overall focus of the school year. Our overall mission is the same as our Georgia PTA: To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Our local unit 2017-2018 goals are:

1. Playground Initiative for All Students – Through grants and partnerships with the community, our PTA will work toward ensuring that Avondale Elementary students have access to a safe and engaging play space. We aim to create a new playground that inspires active physical play as well as learning about nature and the environment.

2. Sound System Initiative – Our PTA wants to make it easier for teachers, students, parents and participants to hear during performances, in-school field trips, or throughout the school day. We will work with staff and professional audio technicians to design, develop, and purchase a new sound system for our cafeteria and stage. Enhanced audio can decrease vocal fatigue for teachers and students, and better capture live performances.

3. Increased Parental Volunteerism – Our PTA will strive to involve more parents, relatives, and friends in our school through volunteerism. Parental involvement isn’t a luxury — it’s an integral component of student achievement and school reform. Collaboration with families is essential to improve AES. Children see volunteers as someone who takes a direct interest in their well being. This can increase their chances of success! As well, an investment in education and school activities can teach the value of learning.

2017-2018 PTA Board

Stephanie Smith | Co-President

Lynn Hampton | Co-President

Terri Fuller | VP of Communications

Ardrienne Hayes | VP of Development

Gwendolyn Reynolds  | VP of Parental Involvement

Pia Smith | VP of Support

Hope Bouldin | Treasurer

Sanganyika Galbreath | Secretary